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The PEC Surveyors have over three decades in performing construction staking and as owners agent in a myriad of construction type projects. We routinely perform construction surveying services for large and small projects from residential housing construction, roadway construction, sports stadiums to apartment complexes to major sky scrapers and commercial developments. Our expertise assists the owner as a team member in the review of the geometric integrity of the construction plans to identify potential problems before construction commences.

We are well versed in the as-built requirements of Florida’s Counties and City’s which is key in the final approval of our your projects. Whether its GIS asset tables or as-built record drawings of the completed projects, we have the proven expertise to efficiently and cost effectively prepare the required surveys to assist you in achieving your schedule and to minimize delays in the final approval process.

All of this is accomplished at an overhead rate you would expect from a Survey-only company. Daily activity logs are kept to accurately define the requested services and to document irregularities with the construction plans. As an extension of your staff we operate as a team to ensure the successful construction of your projects.

Construction Surveying Services:

  • Residential Builders Packages
  • Roadway Improvement Construction Staking
  • Commercial Construction Staking
  • Structural Staking and Control for Vertical Construction
  • Horizontal and Vertical Construction Project Control
  • Final As-built Services
  • Engineering Certification Surveys